I grew up in Stanmore, Middlesex and went to school in Harrow Weald. I always enjoyed creative writing but I only became a serious writer after working in Italy and Switzerland for a number of years.

In 1984 I settled in West Sussex close to the sea.  A bracing walk along the seashore or a stroll across the Sussex Downs can inspire the author. The so-called Writers Block can disappear, allowing ideas to run free as you battle against the breeze and breathe in the ozone.

But writing can be a lonely occupation, and it is essential to meet up with other like-minded people to discuss plots and characters and that is why, some ten years ago, I started Sea Scribes Writing Group.  Our members meet twice a month to discuss ongoing work. We also attend Book Fairs and give readings at local venues.

Recently I have joined Chindi, a group of local indie authors, whose aim is to get their work out there for all to read. Their recent book sale during the Arundel Festival was a great success. 

As I said, writing can be a lonely occupation, sedentary as well, and to counteract this I attend dancing lessons three times a week. My travels abroad prompted my interest in learning languages and I like to join Italian and Spanish discussion groups whenever possible.

Family is important to me and I like to visit my daughter in Petersfield and my son in Madrid: hence the interest in Spanish! My twelve-year-old Spanish granddaughter can correct me when I make terrible bloomers.

My books can be purchased from high street bookshops and online, both as paperbacks and in e-book form. But if you want a signed copy, please see my Contact Page.

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You can also catch me on http://elainehankinwriter.blogspot.co.uk/