The XX Factor 


December 22nd


Make 'to do' list: defrost turkey; ice Christmas cake; spend an hour listening to Auntie Mary's reminiscences in Rest Home; kiss her 'goodbye' feeling guilty about not inviting her for Christmas meal; PANIC.


December 23rd


Do last-minute shopping: crackers, napkins, etc; deliver remaining cards by hand; buy vegetables; queue up at supermarket check-out; go home for cup of tea; ring daughter to see what time she's arriving tomorrow; check remaining chores to do; PANIC. 


December 24th


Make mince pies; clean house; iron best table-cloth; wrap children's presents, checking each has an equal number of parcels to open; check wine glasses; think about hosting twelve people for Christmas lunch; PANIC; hope husband remembers to buy sherry for trifle; cook pizza for quick Christmas Eve meal; collapse into armchair with glass of wine before bed; PANIC. 



The XY Factor  


December 22nd


Push aside pile of unwritten Christmas cards; go for drink with pals; go home in time for dinner; RELAX. 


December 23rd


Write a few Christmas cards; think about buying presents; go to club for a drink with pals; go home; RELAX. 


December 24th


Try to remember what wife wants for Christmas; try phoning daughter for help; go club for drink with pals; notice the time; rush M&S to buy something - anything; can't remember wife's size; minor-panic; choose lingerie with Gift Receipt; go home in time for pizza; slump in front of TV;  RELAX.


29th November 2017


As I'm still waiting for the proof copy of my latest book 'Footprints on my Doorstep' I have been tidying up my documents - and about time too! I can never settle into writing at this time of year so it's an opportunity to take stock and make early resolutions for 2018:

I WILL write every single day, I WILL write all those reviews I've been putting off.

It's been a busy week with the start of Christmas shopping. Every year, I vow that I won't start mine until the 1st December but the cold weather encourages us into the festive season and the carparks are full up from early morning. (I take the bus.) There are lots of Christmas get-togethers coming up and that reminds me, I must give my Christmas cake its weekly dose of alcohol. The next few weeks will fly past and we'll be into the January doldrums in next to no time so lets make merry until then. I intend to.

If you live in an old house, have you ever wondered what has gone on within its walls?

How many families have lived there?

Did Victorian children race up and down the steep staircase?

Did Edwardian ladies rustle their skirts in the narrow hallway?

Did flappers kick their legs to the sound of the Charleston?

Did rockers tap their feet to Bill Haley and Cliff Richard?

Did Beatles songs resonate from Top of the Pops?

Did the passing of the years bring changes?

Well of course they did and Number Seven will tell us all about it.

So keep in touch to learn the launch date...