'Flashback unlocks tale of post-WWII world.'

This is the headline Phil Hewitt, Group Arts Editor for the Worthing Herald/West Sussex Gazette, gave my latest novel, Frost on Barbed Wire in the July 7th issue. He went on: 'The starting point is a rookie reporter in West Berlin in the 1950s.' The story is interspersed with flashbacks to the last months of WWII. After a successful launch on 3rd June, the book is available from bookshops, Amazon and from the publishers, Also available on Amazon Kindle.


A reviewer for the Summer Issue of Ingénue writes, 'Frost on Barbed Wire opens during the last year of WWII, on a train in the frigid Silesian plains.' The reviewer says, 'As I read I found myself invested in the characters and their complex, interwoven lives, but it all ends on a bit of a cliffhanger…rumour has it there may be a sequel. I look forward to it.'


Wendy Greene of Caring4Sussex writes of Frost on Barbed Wire: 'A real attention-grabber from the first page, this story begins in the last months of World War II and follows the fortunes of a Polish-German reporter.' She sums up: 'Full of action from start to finish.'


An excting, thoughtful and well researched historical novel with characters that stay with you long after reading the story. Elaine Hankin's books never fail to intrigue and this one is especially gripping.

Amazon Reader


Another exciting, thought provoking book from Elaine Hankin. I couldn't put it down as the tension grew page by page.

Amazon Reviewer





I live in Italy and am always interested in reading new stories set in this maddeningly beautiful country. I wasn't disappointed. Elaine Hankin has chosen a complex period in Italy's history as a background to her powerful story. Italy was torn apart with its conflicting politics of fascism and communism and the author has obviously thoroughly researched this era. I was particularly convinced by her descriptions of resistance activity. Similarly the picture of Britain, both during the second world war and post-war is very convincing. There are plenty of personalities to engage the reader as well as love, intrigue, twists and turns in the plot. Congratulations to Elaine Hankin on this ambitious novel. I think she deserves a wider readership. I will be recommending her book to my friends.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Petch


This World War II suspense novel is sometimes violent, yet always inspiring. And, as the Roman orator, Cicero, once said: 'Laws are silent in times of war.'

Caring4Books - On the Shelf


This was an excellent holiday read. Reading this book was like having a really good magazine serial - without having to wait each week for the next instalment.

SWWJ Magazine


An excellent read. It kept me in suspense until the last page. I can't wait to read Elaine's other novels.                                                                                  Reader


This is a very good book - full of good imagery and exciting situations. I couldn't put it down.                                                                                   Reader



Well written, not too complicated but still manages to convey
the consequences of war on individuals. Will mankind ever see sense?

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The story satisfies, and the author ties up the loose ends as the story finishes. The reader is left with a good feeling at the end of this engaging tale.

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I enjoyed the pace and characters from the very beginning and the story kept me enthralled to the very last page.

SWWJ Magazine




Romance mixed with mystery, suspense and murder in this romantic thriller guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Worthing Advertiser


Enthralling story told with depth and beautifully unravelled.

                                                                        Sussex Life


Absolutely brilliant book. It had me spellbound. have also read some of her other books and they are very good too.                                                     Reader


A perfect holiday read - well drawn characters, an intricate plot and a fluent writing style. What is the secret of the house where Chantal's mother died and who is the real danger, her boyfriend or her father? A story full of tantalising glimpses of France and the possibility of romance.

Amazon reader


When I picked this up I was unsure whether it was my kind of book. Curious I started late evening then moved to bed until the early hours......I just couldn't put it down. More please Elaine.

Amazon reader



Usually I am not a fan of short stories but Goodbye Blighty & Other Stories is an exception. The front cover attracted my attention and the stories libed up to expectations. It's ideal for dipping into and perfect for popping into a travel bag.

                                                                                                                    Amazon Reader


Enjoyed.                                                                                                                      Peardrop




The author handles a complicated plot with confidence.

Worthing Herald

I was given this book as a gift from the author herself but my review is in no way biased! This is my favourite read by the author so far, having read Laws are Silent and a proof copy of her latest book (still to be released... watch this space...)
Portrait of Rosanna is a compelling read, a page-turner. The plot is good and unpredictable, the characters convincing. Set in the sixties, through to the eighties, the story is of its time... Rosanna would probably not put up with quite so much heartache if the story were set in the present. I enjoyed the descriptions of Italy but also of London... Simon's information about Kew Gardens and the ladies in bloomers made me chuckle. I'm not going to write a "spoiler" of a review... just read it for yourselves and make up your own minds. It is a book that will sit proudly in my book shelf and I shall read it again one day... that is an indication for me of a good read.                                                           Petch


I have just discovered A Portrait of Rosanna and it's a little gem; a real page-turner, atmospheric and exciting. As with Elaine's other novels, it held my attention to the last page.                                                                                                                  Amazon Reader



Peardrop                                                                                                                              Peardrop